Located in Tempe, Arizona, Sea Life Arizona is a 26,000-square-foot interactive aquarium that features thousands of aquatic animals. It also includes a 360-degree ocean tunnel and interactive touch pools. The aquarium is open year-round and is perfect for families with kids. Whether you’re traveling with a toddler or a tween, SEA LIFE Arizona is sure to keep everyone happy.

It is geared towards children

A 26,000-square-foot interactive aquarium, Sea Life Arizona is a great place to visit if you’re in the Tempe, Arizona area. It contains thousands of different aquatic animals, touch pools, and a 360-degree ocean tunnel. The aquarium is designed to be fun for all ages and is perfect for families with children.

SEA LIFE Arizona offers free talks to educate the public about the different animals, marine ecosystems, and habitats. The aquarium also has exhibits that recreate the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. Mathews hopes that the aquarium will educate kids on the effects of humans on the environment.

The aquarium has a logical progression of exhibits. Starting with the lakes in Arizona, the exhibits move on to rivers, caves, and the Pacific Ocean. There’s also an interactive touch tank where kids can hold fish, crabs, and plants.

It is a 26,000 square foot interactive aquarium

Sea Life Arizona is an interactive, 26,000 square-foot aquarium that’s packed with thousands of aquatic creatures. The aquarium features touch pools, 360-degree ocean tunnel, sharks, jellyfish, and sea turtles. You’ll also find educational displays and plenty of color. Don’t be afraid of heights; the exhibits are kid-friendly.

The Arizona SEALIFE Aquarium opened in May 2010. It is the fourth US location of the chain. The Carlsbad SEALIFE Aquarium was the first in the United States, followed by Minnesota’s Underwater Adventures Aquarium in the Mall of America. Arizona SEALIFE is the smallest of the four, at only 26,000 square feet. It’s located in Tempe, a large suburb of Phoenix, about 8 miles southeast of downtown Phoenix. The aquarium is conveniently accessible by several bus lines and a light rail line.

It is open year-round

SEA LIFE Arizona is a beautiful 26 thousand square foot aquarium that takes visitors on a unique underwater experience. It has 30 display tanks and 12 different habitat zones. With over five thousand sea creatures, SEA LIFE Arizona is an excellent place to take kids for an educational outing.

Visitors can visit the aquarium year-round and enjoy the experience of the oceans. The 360o ocean tunnel and over 250 different species of animals will make your visit to this amazing aquarium a unique experience. The Aquarium also has a LEGO 4D Theater that will allow you to experience a 360-degree view of rays, sharks, and other aquatic animals.

Visitors will also have a chance to see rescued turtles and sharks. There are also rays, seahorses, and sharks, so you can see the different types of animals that live in these water bodies. The aquarium’s exhibits are arranged in a logical manner, starting with Arizona lakes, and moving to rivers and caves, and finally the Pacific Ocean and coral reefs. Although the aquarium is dark, it is easy to navigate around and enjoy yourself.

It requires face-covering

Face-covering is required for guests who are 6 years of age and older at the SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium. This is due to a local health mandate. Visitors should also wear a mask if they experience symptoms of COVID-19. Face masks are also recommended during the cold and flu season.